Bowlmor Lanes


We wouldn’t normally include a bowling alley in a bar and restaurant survey, but with the amount of time you’ll end up waiting for a lane, this place might as well be an Irish pub. Crammed with a mix of twenty-somethings, NYU students, bachelor parties, girl’s night outs, fourth dates and lazy-eyed Westchester guys looking for a little action, Bolwmor basically looks like a giant explosion of humanity, as people pack the place every weekend to drink overpriced pitchers of beer, eat surprisingly decent grub and maybe get in a little drunken bowling time. If you have trouble finding a date in this place, you might as well throw yourself into the ball return. Rock n’ roll, beer and bowling–what else can you ask for on a Friday night? How ’bout lower prices and less wait? Oh well, nothing’s perfect. [MF]

110 University Place