Flute Gramercy


I’m not quite sure we had the full Flute experience, but from what I saw, we had no business being in a place this classy. Okay, that’s not necessarily true, but the place was upscale in that decidedly trendy way (as opposed to just old-school upscale) that really puts us off our game. It’s like someone handing you a Ming vase to check out–you spend the entire time so nervous about handling the priceless treasure that it passes before you without so much as a notice of its beauty. (Sorry, I’m hopped up on Diet Dr. Pepper and am not making much sense at the moment.) What I’m trying to say is that what I know about as much about champagne as I do about the political situation in Mozambique (which ain’t much). Intimidation factor of eight. Luckily the bartender was very friendly and asked us what we were looking for in a champagne. We named it and she recommended a couple things. I always forget how much better good champagne (or sparkling white wine) is than the cheap crap everyone serves at their New Year’s parties. I’m not saying that I’m going to give up beer for the bubbly, but every once in while it’s a nice change of pace–especially on one of those nights where the lady wants to celebrate. The space itself is apparently three floors of fanciness, although we only saw the ground floor, which was dark and cozy. I know we here at The Survey dole out the dating advice like candy, but if you want to drop a couple bucks on a date and show her you’re a classy guy, you could certainly do worse than to take your Match.com date to this joint for a pre-dinner or post-dinner glass of the good stuff. Oh, and be sure to order her some chocolate off the menu with her champagne–we hear girls really like that stuff. [ MF]