Famous Famiglia Pizza (Times Square – South)

Famous Famiglia Times Square

Famous Famiglia Times SquareThe only thing this place is famous for is overcharging unsuspecting tourists for mediocre pizza. A couple slices and a Coke shouldn’t come out to seven dollars. Not on this planet, not on any planet–especially if they make patrons sit in dank quarters on particle board benches. This crap should come with linen napkins and real silverware for these kinds of prices. Maybe it’s their way of telling you you’re a fat piece of shit if you order more than one slice or something. I don’t know, but like its location a little further uptown, this place goes way overboard on the cheese, but spares the patron any kind of flavor. Such nice folks–seven bucks for an unsatisfying coronary! [MF]

686 8th Ave. (bet. 43rd & 44th St.)