Cheap Shots

Hahahahaha, I get it! It’s a play on words! It’s like that place that used to be on the UES many years ago, Mug Shots. They had booking photos of famous arrestees–and they served beer in mugs. It’s just so wacky, I can’t stand it. Granted, one will get inexpensive booze here, but probably won’t walk in and instantly get a smack in the balls, so their name is just silly and not literal in its double entendre-ness. What you will get, though, is inexpensive pitchers of domestic beer, a cruel sense of belonging, and a steaming case of the crabs from the toilet seat. Scratch that, you could probably catch those critters on one of the barstools; this place is such a dive. Really there is no way in hell we would have walked into this place sober to begin with, but after paying pocket lint for a gallon of Bud, there was no way we were walkingout of here. This joint, with its beer pong table, rotten stink and off-the-charts volume made my dumpy college bars look like The Oak Room. Normally this would be a bone of contention with my old ass, but this place not only reeked of barf and booze–it reeked of pure unadulterated fun. Get yer drunk on, biatch! [MF]

140 1st Ave.