San Loco Avenue A


Sometimes food ain’t pretty. Sometimes it isn’t presented on a white plate with swirled decorations and garnishes. Sometimes everything is sort of beige, brown and gray. Of course, food doesn’t need to be colorful to be good. Nowhere is this truer than at San Loco. The chicken looks like something that has been put through a blender, and the unadorned quesadilla looks as if it might be made of paper. I was amazed when I but into the thing that it actually tasted like something I’d want to be eating. The authentic Mexican food is pretty good, in fact. If I lived in the neighborhood I’m sure this would certainly be my Mexican quick-fix joint of choice. The place itself doesn’t inspire confidence when you first walk in, though, as it’s essentially a hole-in-the-wall painted gaudy colors–and we certainly can’t vouch for the joint’s cleanliness. Get your shit to go and enjoy some good grub in the semi-squalor of your own home. [MF]

151 Avenue A