Do you ever read reviews of a place, go there and wonder if you have walked into the same joint you read about? Everything we read about Otis said they had good drink deals. Then how come a beer and one mixed well drink cost us $14? Sometimes bars need to wake up and realize their place in the world. Otis is in Hell’s Kitchen for god’s sake! Granted, the neighborhood has come a long way in the past few years, but give us a break. This largish loungy space tries to recreate a downtown atmosphere in what used to be an area riddled with Irish gangs and prostitutes. What it really does is provide a place for the now yuppie locals who are too lazy to jump on the downtown 1/9 to gather on Fridays after changing out of their suits and skirts. It’s also just a wee bui too close to the Lincoln Tunnel to avoid those Jersey stragglers who think the candlelit atmosphere might hide the giant hair creature propped on their heads. [MF]

754 9th Ave.