Patsy’s Pizzeria (Greenwich Village)


Patsy's Pizzeria Greenwich Village


This was most certainly not like the pizza places around my university. We had little, miniature slices of soggy dough that ran you about eighty cents a slice and were worth about twenty. These NYU kids have all the luxuries, including this great, old school brick oven pizza joint. Packed to the gills, this place sits at eye-level above University Place, and serves groups of college students, local shoppers and after-work revelers from the Union Square area. The space is tight (to say the least), but the high ceilings, tile floors and good looking help make it feel very New York. The pizza is the draw here, and it comes hot, flat and tasty. Brick oven pizza might be second only to crack on the addiction scale. When they throw that giant pie on your table, your eyes will bug and your stomach will rumble, and then comes the thousand-mile stare. The amazing part about the brick oven stuff is the sheer amount that you can eat without vomiting. The Mrs. and I have been known to finish off a large pie without a second thought. Of course, I’m the major contributor to the gluttony, but that salty pepperoni, crispy crust and sweet, sweet Coke is like a dream. Damn, I gotta go get me some! [MF]

67 University Pl.