San Marzano Brick Oven Pizzeria[CLOSED]

Wandering around the Lower East Side looking for food is both challenging and not. There are tons of choices, no doubt, but in this particular neighborhood there’s too much one way or the other in terms of pricey and cheap, long time commitment or have your food thrown at you by a guy in a dirty smock. We were trying to grab something to eat before seeing a show, and needed something relatively fast, relatively cheap and hopefully not scary. Tada, pizza! Granted, this is by no means a Famous Ray’s or anything, but is instead a nice subdued, glass-lined brick oven pizza joint that goes more trendy than traditional. We must have had quite a window prior to our engagement, as I went for the pre and post dinner grub. Starting with an arugula salad with pecans and goat cheese is always a perfect way to start off the evening. If you haven’t had one of these salads (which sometimes include like cranberries or pears or something and can substitute candied walnuts for the pecans) you should run out and get yourself one. Mmmm, salty and sweet. Ms. Hipster and I split a margarita pizza, which was pretty much exactly what you’d expect of a brick oven pizza–thin and tasty. And then, for dessert, we got this insane fried thing filled with ricotta and Nutella. How can that possibly be bad? It wasn’t. I can’t say that the place was filled with personality, had the world’s most attentive help or made me feel like a prince with its lavish comforts, but for a quick hit dining experience, I’ve certainly done worse. [MF]

71 Clinton St.