Famous Famiglia Pizza (Times Square – North)

Famous Famiglia Times Square


Ambiance is not this place’s strong suit. Not that we expect anything approximation a fine dining experience in a take-out pizza joint, but all that fluorescent lighting tends to make me look like that dude Powder. Unfortunately it also lets you see exactly what you’re eating. When you’re eating a giant cheese calzone dripping with orange grease and white oozing ricotta, the results can be quite unpleasant. Famiglia really doesn’t know how to relax on the cheese. Everything is freakin’ drowning in the stuff. We’d imagine if they actually made our standby chicken roll, there’d be more mozzarella than poultry. Unfortunately they don’t have chicken rolls, but they do have strong drafts, curt service and that extra-special stink that blows up from Times Square. [MF]