Burger JointTalk about oddball, this is one of The Survey’s top entries. Tucked away behind a curtain in the lobby of Parker New York, The Burger Joint is purposely styled like a trashy, 70’s grease pit. The small space is bizarrely out of place in this ultra-modern, fancy-pants hotel, and is obviously meant to be ironic in the way those stupidly trendy foam trucker hats are supposed to be. The thing is, instead of looking like a retard in a mesh cap, you get to sit and enjoy delicious burgers and fries in wood-paneled glory. Watch as the short-order chefs cook up your patty and serve it up old-school style in a paper wrapper with some crispy fries. While not large by any stretch of the imagination, these burgers are flavorful and deceptively filling. If you’re able to find it (look for the curtain and the neon burger in the lobby), we can’t recommend it any higher, but because of the tiny space, cheap prices and quality food, we hear it can get quite crowded on weekdays at lunchtime. You really have to see this place to believe it. [MF]

119 W 56th St. (Le Parker Meridien Hotel)