PJ Carney's

P.J. Carney’s

PJ Carney'sApparently this joint has been around for a really long time. Its Home Depot, rote Irish pub decor is an immediate turn off to me, and smacks of the midtown bar that it truly is. I know they’d like to think that the place is always filled with the talented folks from Carnegie Hall in their tails and mustaches and shit, but really it’s a mix of tourists, after work plebes and on this particular night, me. Well, me and a bunch of co-workers. And our thought was that we could probably all fit comfortably in what looks like a sizable space from the outside. But once inside, the bar sits awkwardly in the space, cutting off the sides of the bar and causing all sorts of strange pockets where some people can stand, but like not at the same time. And then you have to play that game with the sliding tiles and the missing space (does that game have a name?), and no matter what I did, I always seemed to be the tile the furthest from the open space. And it wasn’t as if I was moving myself toward some sort of rad beer selection or anything. Uninspired and typical would be the two words that first come to mind. And get me out of here would be the net five. Blech. [MF]

906 7th Ave.