Sweet and ViciousWe’re still not sure what’s going on with the bar naming in NYC. Wouldn’t you be scared to go to this place if you didn’t read this nice review here first? We’re thinking S&M parlor or lesbian vampire joint. It’s neither. What we have here is a plain old, laid back bar with your basic exposed brick and wood interior. Out back is a nice outdoor space with benches and low-hanging foliage. The interior, with its giant, round chandeliers, gives you the feeling that King Arthur and his pals might be riding in any minute. If they did, there’d be plenty of beer to drink, low lighting for that romantic raping and pillaging mood and a mixture of attractive folks to recruit for the crusades. (Yes, I know this doesn’t make any sense.) Unlike all those UES bars and East Village haunts, the management here actually values conversation and doesn’t try to deafen you with the tunes (a seriously overlooked plus). Mr. Hipster can see himself going back to this joint sometime soon. It’s always a good sign when you can picture yourself at the bar (unless, of course, it’s during work.) Oh, and you may want to pee before coming here, as the bathroom situation is a real mess when it gets crowded. [MF]

5 Spring St.