Peter Luger Steak House


Welcome to the Citizen Kane of the New York steak world. There are so many good steak houses out there, but this is the place that every New Yorker swears by–it’s the pinnacle, the apex, the acme, the tops… If anyone dares to say anything negative about the joint, they are immediately dismissed as a heretic or a tasteless buffoon. The waiters are surly, inattentive and basically very unhelpful–hey, that’s charming. The place is crowded, loud, not very well ventilated, and looks like it was decorated by a blind, one-legged Nazi–hey, that’s atmosphere. The steak wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever had, and was pretty pricey to boot–hey, now you’re pushing it! Take that back! Anyway, it’s always sad to see a hero unmasked. If you are lucky enough to get a reservation at this constantly booked Brooklyn eatery, and aren’t scared off by the sketchy walk past vacant industrial buildings to its middle-of-nowhere location, you are certainly in for an interesting time. Granted, it may not be the cow nirvana you were hoping for, but it is certainly worth the experience, if for no other reason than to say you’ve been there, done that. [MF]

178 Broadway