Afghan Kebab House #1

Afghan Kebab House
Afghan Kebab House

Despite Mr. Bush’s hatred for the Afghan people, we love their food! Little known fact: ‘kebab’ is Afghani for “tasty as balls.” Of course there are no balls on the menu, but there certainly is beef and chicken grilled and spiced to perfection. The dining room has that wonderful burlap sack look that must be all the rage in Kabul these days, and the beautiful prints of starving Afghani children really fires up the old appetite. This aside, we’d suggest the take out chicken kebab, which comes with rice, delicious yogurt-type sauce and good flatbread. Look, you’re not going to be popular bringing this stuff back into your office (most people will run screaming from the dog food-like miasma) but you’ll turn them around once you suggest they shut the hell up and try some. It’s going to be a little pricier than your average Chinese lunch special, but suck it up and pay the price for America. [MF]

764 9th Ave.