McSorley's Old Ale House

McSorley’s Old Ale House

McSorley's Old Ale HouseThere is absolutely no exaggeration here when we call this place “old.” McSorley’s has been packing ’em in since the dinosaurs roamed the earth (well, 1857), and only bothered to allow women in the place some twenty-five years ago. They dusted the chandeliers the day after Teddy Roosevelt was born, and haven’t bothered since. The most fun one can have at McSorley’s is to play “name that fungus” with the heaps of gray matter that line every nook and cranny of the ancient pub. The other fun game is asking one of the pissy bartenders what they have on tap. Here’s the answer: light or dark. Yup, you have a choice of two beers, and you better not take too long to decide or the bartender will be on to the next slobbering fool before you have a chance to utter, “Hey, buddy!” Don’t bother being modest (or sober) here either. Beers are cheap, and are served two or four at a time. Granted, one beer holds about 6-8 oz. of liquid (depending on how much of a hurry your pourer is in), but the cramped, party atmosphere is certainly conducive to drinking. If you’re a guy looking for a date, you’d have better luck searching elsewhere, as it typically looks like a Lambda Lambda Lambda party gone horribly awry. Oh, on drinking nights (Thursday-Saturday) you better get there early, as the line starts forming outside when the place is full and lasts all night. [MF]

15 E 7th St.

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