Mee Noodle Shop – Hell’s Kitchen

Mee Noodle Hell's Kitchen
Mee Noodle Hell's Kitchen

Mee Noodle is a big sweaty house of noodley fun. Chinese guys with rusty strainers perspire over open vats of boiling oil, and little women chatter at the reception desk about lunch specials and whatever. The food itself always seems to have a watery quality to it, but that may just be a mind trick as I watch the condensation drip down the windows that surround the kitchen. Two things the place does have going for it are the reasonably low lunchtime prices and the conveyor-belt kitchen that gets you out of there faster than an Alopecia suferer at a Brazilian wax. Perfect for those days where a stale Pop Tart from your top drawer or another bag of Combos is just going to send you over the edge. [MF]

795 9th Ave.