Soup Burg – Madison Ave.


Soup Burg - Madison Avenue


Grease is the word–is the word–is the word. It’s hot, smooth, and it’s steaming. All horrendous Frankie Valli puns aside; this place is a hidden pit of deliciousness wrapped in an opaque wax paper exterior. It’s crowded and smoky, and perpetually smells of bacon, but sit at the counter, grab a burger and fries and sink into burger heaven. If you’re looking for one of those truffle and foi gras travesties (and a cook that doesn’t drip swear onto the grill), go somewhere with some class and am over-inflated sense of itself. If you want an awesome burger that will bleed right through the bun cooked right in front of you on a sizzling grill and leave you wondering if ordering another would make you the worst pig on the face of the planet, this is most definitely the time, the place and the motion. [MF]

922 Madison Ave.