Cafe Bonjour & Pizza


Cafe Bon Jour & Pizza


Laziness breeds food choice. Check that. Soul-sucking, chained to your desk jobs breed food choice. Not surprisingly, this place was actually housed in my old building. I didn’t have to feel the warmth of the sun on my cheek or breathe non-recycled air for even half a second if I ate lunch here. It sure beat a bag of peanut M&Ms from the vending machine, but was always a sad reminder that there are people out there who are like river raft guides, park rangers and sherpas. I’m a poor working schmuck who has come to depend on paninis from the stinky deli. There honestly isn’t much to eat in this neighborhood, but having The Paris or The Somethingorother flattened sandwich on a daily basis just isn’t good for anyone–especially when it’s generally being scarfed at a desk in an overheated den of sickness. This was my first real exposure to the panini phenomenon on a grand scale, and though they satisfied something in me, I’ve come to realize that there are much better out there. We’ve since moved buildings, and I most likely won’t ever be back here again. It’s a sad thought. Kind of like that girl from fourth grade with the thick glasses and the lisp who was see-through to other humans but had an obvious crush she had on you. What ever happened to that poor girl? She wasvery nice. Now you’ve got the new girl with her shiny cases and her attractive Rockefeller crowd, but you never get over your first. [MF]

18 W 38th St.