Sometimes I order things that taste better than they sound on paper. Ordering the lemon chicken sandwich from Zest was just such an experience. What amounts to a grilled chicken sandwich on ciabatta, this thing differed from your usual fowl delight by topping things with preserved lemons. Now, I’m generally afraid of anything with the word “preserved” in it. The word makes me think of withered corpses, Pompeii and kimchi–all of which are kind of sucky in their own special way. It turns out these Zest freaks are on to something. When paired with Bell & Evans chicken, baby arugula, red onions and roasted garlic vinaigrette, rotten lemon rinds are actually pretty tasty. In fact they add something that is above and beyond my usual lunchtime experience. Granted, I’m not gonna go out and throw Polaner All Fruit (don’t call it jelly!) on my next turkey sandwich or anything, but it’s amazing a general fruit-phobe like myself can so easily be swayed to pay $9.00 for a tiny sandwich just because they add some ingredient that makes the experience extraordinary. I got this thing delivered, but I have a feeling if I were to visit the actual restaurant that I’d be a little pissed about forking over so much money for so little, but what are you gonna do? [MF]

1441 Broadway