Guy & Gallard (Times Square)This place just sounds like a giant gay wedding. Guy, do you take Gallard to be your not-so-lawfully wedded husband? Gallard, do you take Guy to be your not-so-lawfully wedded husband? Either that or it sounds like there should be jousting going on here. Knights in shining armor, gay dudes in tuxes, whatever the case, the joint serves sandwiches and your typical lunch stuff. I believe they do a bang up catering business, bringing those half wraps and sliced turkey concoctions to corporate boardrooms and client lunches around midtown. I made the mistake of actually going to this location, which seems to be perpetually covered by scaffolding. Otherwise the inside is a slightly upscale bodega. The sandwich itself was unremarkable, and even bordered on stale. Slot this one in the boring category. [MF]

245 W 38th St.