Quiznos Midtown West

Quiznos (Midtown West)

Quiznos Midtown West[CLOSED]

We’re going to skip right over talking about this company’s awful ad campaigns (remember the blowdart-to-the-neck commercial?) and get right to the food. The place makes subs. It’s that simple. But they toast ’em. Big deal, you think, any idiot can run a piece of bread through an oven, right? But unlike their non-toasting competition, Quizno’s actually bothers to put together sandwich combos with veggies, cheese, different breads and decent sauces. They don’t leave it up to the tasteless public to pile high their subs with hot peppers, cucumbers, jalapenos and other such silliness. I get the smoked turkey on rosemary parmesan bread, which absolutely rocks. The sandwich has this roasted red pepper sauce that really adds great flavor to the smokiness, Swiss cheese and red onion. Seems like someone actually did their homework. The whole thing is crispy and I’m sure not in the slightest dietetic. The weird thing about this place is that it is constantly filled with smoke from the conveyor belt full of subs toasting in the back. We would suggest not wearing anything that soaks up smells easily, or is highly flammable. This is the only franchise I’ve seen in the city, but when I was out in LA recently, they were more prevalent than our old friend Subway. If you’re looking for a cheaper, lower-fat option, then you might want to stick with Jared’s choice, but if you want flavor, higher quality food and something that’ll actually fill you up for more than two hours, walk on in to the new kid on the block. [MF]

22 West 45th St.