Pret a Manger Midtown East

Pret a Manger (Midtown East)

Pret a Manger Midtown EastImagine my horror when I walked through the doors of this venerable “European” sandwich chain only to discover that they had changed the recipe for my favorite Pret sandwich! The tuna with cucumber joint was my standby. It was peppery and addictive, cool and crisp. So they had twiggled with the formula and added some peppers and olives and garbage to give it some pop. How bad could it be? Turns out it was almost inedible. Nasty is the best adjective I could find. It seems others were also finding my assessment accurate, as the next time I went back the tuna baguette had been wiped from the menu completely. How could this tuna fall so far? So I went for my secondary sandwich, the chicken with mozzarella and balsamic, which is certainly tasty, but like all fast food tastes vaguely manufactured. I know Pret will gently fade into the background of my culinary repertoire, but I will check back occasionally to see if they’ve reinstituted my original tuna love. [MF]

400 Park Ave.