Much like its predecessor, Runway 69, Lace is very rarely the first stop on any red-blooded male’s nightly agenda. This is the place you stagger into at 3 AM when you either have nobody to go home with, you don’t quite want to go home to the person you have, or, as is most often the case, you have already been to the classier strip joints in town, and you’re desperate to see more before you go to sleep. Now, don’t let us lead you astray, this place is no Flashdancers, as it still charges a cover and dances are still $20 a pop, but a closer look reveals that these ladies are not Scores quality exotic dancers. In fact, skip that last suggestion, and don’t look too close, and you’ll have a much better time at this small, private lap dance only gentlemen’s club. Consider this maybe the A or AA team of the major league NY Strippers team. [MF]

725 7th Ave.