Les Halles – Park Avenue

Les Halles


The evening here got off to a strange start. The bar somehow ran out of liquid containers, and we were served our eight-dollar beers in what amounted to smallish orange juice glasses. Not wanting to completely rip us off, the bartender promised to refill our glasses exactly once after we finished them. We were all about one sip into our beers when our table was called. After downing the drinks in about three gulps, we asked the waiter to get us our refills. He looked at us like we were the biggest rubes on earth. We showed him our puny glasses and recounted our conversation with the bartender. After hemming and hawing for another minute or two, he finally decided this wasn’t some bizarre scam we ran on every restaurant–right before we drop tons of cash on a meal. So we got our second shot glasses of beer and moved on to the meat menu. Yes, this is one of those restaurants at which it’s a complete waste of time to order anything other than the steak. And, according to our waiter, who shook his head at all our choices, the only thing worth a damn on the menu is the hanger steak. After taking his advice, I can’t say that he was wrong. Although I really had nothing to compare it to, but it was certainly tasty and a perfect accompaniment to the delicious fries. I’m not a huge meat guy, honestly, but the casualness of this steak (if casual makes any kind of sense) doesn’t leave you feeling like you just swallowed a cow. It has a simple sauce; nothing heavy or overbearing. There was something just perfect about the thin steak, the fries and a couple beers (in adult sized glasses). The surroundings are also quite pleasant and casual. It almost makes you forget how much we’re supposed to hate the French. And while it’s by no means a cheap night, the prices won’t cost you a ton of fromage. Sounds like a perfect place to bring that carnivorous Match.com date! [MF]

411 Park Ave S.