Haru Upper East Side


Imagine how long the lines outside this place would be if they actually had to cook the food! In fact, this place is consistently so busy that they opened up another space directly across the street–bringing the total seating capacity to around 20. Despite the crush of UES yupsters, this joint may actually be worth the wait. While it’s certainly no Nobu, the fish is fresh and buttery, and the variety decent. The night we were there, we got some nosy neighbors giving us the hairy eyeball and talking behind their hands about us. After sniffing my underarms and asking if I had anything on my face, we came to the conclusion that, looking young, these fifty-somethings decided that we, as apparent teenagers, probably couldn’t afford what came to a somewhat pricey bill for a neighborhood joint. Of course, after gorging ourselves on sushi, we defiantly threw down the MasterCard, belched and told them to go watch another episode of “Matlock.” Two hours later we were hungry again, but the feeling of satisfaction remained. [MF]

1329 3rd Ave.