Good & Plenty to go

Good & Plenty to Go

Good & Plenty to go

There’s nothing like ordering your sandwich in a broom closet is what I always say. Okay, that’s a load of crap, but I would totally order a chicken sub in a small box thirty feet under the polar ice cap if it meant getting a fresh mouthful of poultry and honey mustard when I most need it. Size-wise, Good & Plenty hardly qualifies as a restaurant. It’s more like somebody greased somebody’s palm and that somebody ended up being able to open a food establishment in the hot water cubby of a midtown condo building. Ordering and getting to the cash register is somewhat akin to seeing a Fishbone show circa 1990 inside a tampon box. I think I actually caught an elbow from some freak skankin’ to the beat (or maybe she was doing the lawnmower; I have trouble discerning my ska dances from my punk ones). I finally made it out of there and enjoyed my grilled chicken sitting in a plastic chair outside the joint on 43rd Street. Talk about classy environs… Speaking of classy, the second time I went here, there were two huge parrots sitting on the garbage can right outside the front door. It made me urp a little thinking about my slab of poultry simmering inside the bag, but once I got it back to the office and tasted its fresh, tasty chickeness, I could think of nothing else but going back–Amazonian parrot harbinger be damned. [MF]

410 W 43rd St.