MacDougal St. Ale HouseHide the babies, lock up the women and get your daughters to a nunnery or something, I’m gonna drop the “s” bomb… SERENDIPITY. That’s right, I said it; that word that makes mothers and fathers quake with fear and trepidation. After all, how do children learn about sex and everything else in this world? They come across it accidentally–just the way we stumbled across this bizarro joint on a rainy night while killing some time before seeing a play. The subterranean space is tight and littered with beer signs, a pool table and a weird local crowd that included an asthmatic old lady, a dreadlocked Rasta dude, some goofy college kids, a tattooed guy who looked like a gas station attendant and us. While we felt like we might be crashing the local’s party, they were extremely nice and hospitable, even closing the window after my companion looked like she might be getting a little chill (as in cold). Sure the place is a dive, and isn’t going to win any awards for cool, but as a stop off on a weeknight, or even a nice, local spot to grab a couple beers on the weekend, you could certainly do worse. [MF]

122 MacDougal St.