Nathan's Famous Times Square


It left me wondering after eating here what it is exactly Nathan is famous for. I don’t think a bad chicken Philly sandwich is something that would make one famous, but what the hell do I know? I mean Jessica Simpson is famous for some reason. I suppose they’re famous for their hot dogs, but who the hell eats those nitrate bombs when not at a barbeque or baseball game? I’m not about to walk into a food court and order an f’ing hot dog now, am I? Of course I’m the idiot who got a chicken cheese steak at a hot dog place in a food court. I must say that the fries were those good, old school wavy-type fries that you eat with a red, plastic spear. Maybe it’s fun to go to the original out in Coney Island or something, but this place is just a drag. [MF]

705 8th Ave.