Gaf Bar


There really are a lot of bars in this city that deserve the moniker “world’s biggest hole in the wall.” None is more deserving of this designation than the Gaf. OK, we know there are smaller, smokier places downtown, but for the UES the only other bar that gives this little sweatbox a run for it’s money is Judge Crater’s (formerly Pedro’s). Frances, the former owner of Pedro’s once claimed that they actually used to inhabit this tiny square space. Not a big leap if you’ve ever been in both places. Despite the cramped quarters and the oppressive clouds of carbon monoxide, the Gaf is actually a pleasant little place to spend a few hours listening to music and drinking Guinness until you feel as Irish as the bartender. The feeling that the bar is packed with regulars, and its somewhat shanty-like exterior tend to scare away the kiddies and makes way for a nice local, more down-to-earth UES contingent. [MF]

1715 1st Ave.