Pret a Manger

Pret a Manger (Midtown East II)

Pret a Manger
[CLOSED at this location]

What can I say? I love the chain joint when I want consistency and lack of rubber gloves and roaches in my sandwiches. Why I feel safer and more at ease with these places is beyond me. They’re probably the same sandwiches they put together at the corner roach and toast deli, but maybe they’re packed in some clean plant somewhere in the Midwest and then shipped in sealed containers and not left festering on the corner of 33rd street for every degenerate and disease-ridden scumbag to sneeze on the warming boxes of luncheon meat. Granted, I’m still sure this is what happens with all the Subways and disappearing Blimpies in the city. So why trust Pret beyond these others? Chrome. Well, chrome and courtesy. They seem to have plenty of both, which bumps it just above those other crap chains. Plus their chicken and fresh mozzarella sandwich isn’t half bad. It’s not really half good either, but the cross of the saltiness and crunchy baguette makes for an occasional treat. Otherwise, you know what you’re getting, so take it or leave it. [MF]

630 Lexington Ave.