Redeye Grill

Redeye GrillRedeye Grill has the great honor of being the so-called “Home of the Dancing Shrimp.” They pay homage to these creatures with a couple giant bronze statues and the general stink of bottom-feeding crustacean throughout the space. We assume there isn’t a big spillover from the Hooter’s right up the street, but the place basically draws a midtown work and tourist crowd. The space itself is very large and rather loud, decorated with the aforementioned dancing shrimp statues and some sort of half-assed vintage airplane theme. It seems almost impossible for large, non-neighborhood eateries to avoid that theme restaurant feel, and Redeye is no exception. We’re just not quite sure what they’re going for here. It’s also hard for these joints to avoid that conveyor belt quality when it comes to their food. Again, Redeye falls into this rut. The fish is decent, but unremarkable. The flavor of everything seems a little muted, and the whole experience a little sterile. And then the bill comes. Eeek, this is some expensive grub, and I didn’t even get a table dance from one of those shrimp. [MF]

890 7th Ave.