d.b.a.In high school a lot of our friends listened to N.W.A. We all know what that stands for. Aside from the fact that this bar’s name is in all lower case letters, we know nothing of the origins of its cryptic initials. dynamic byzantine architecture? dead blonde actress? da bomb attitude? Perhaps we will never know the secret behind d.b.a, but we can tell you that hanging out here is a joy. Choose from a plethora (yes, Jefe, a plethora) of beers on tap in a relaxed, funky East Village atmosphere. This is one of those places in which you can just imagine yourself getting drunk with a bunch of buddies. It’s spacious enough to accommodate crowds, but somehow avoids the gaggles of youngins who tend to swarm the East Village on some nights. The jukebox is decent, although they only allow you to put in $5 at a time, meaning that if some unsavory fella gets ahold of the juke, you may be stuck hearing the entire Dr. Feelgood album from start to finish. [MF]

41 1st Ave. (bet. 2nd Ave. & 3rd St.)