Roma Pizza


Like the great Phoenix, Roma Pizza rises from the ashes of the great La Mia Pizzeria. Honestly, we see absolutely no difference between the two. The staff is the same. The menu is the same. The location is the same. The only difference is the seating set-up and a new fancy moniker. To us this can only mean that the old incarnation was busted by the health department or I.R.S. and needed to come back with a very small facelift and a different name. Either way, the pizza is still top notch and the chicken rolls are gargantuan triumphs of culinary delight. It’s good New York pizza with an UES edge. It just hits the right spot with a nice cold can of Root Beer–know what I mean? The restaurant space itself is on par with your typical, low-rent Chinese joint, but is serviceable for a mostly take-out joint. We’ve also found that it’s the perfect place to order good, inexpensive pizzas for football games and any other party where toast points are persona non grata. [MF]

1568 3rd Ave.