St. Dymphna's


Irish food gets a bad rap. Okay, so some of it is kinda watery and boiled, but for the most part, it’s hearty and stick-to-your-ribs good. St. Dymphna’s (the patron Saint of the mentally ill) serves up good American/Irish comfort food in a smallish space with wooden tables that mimics old-school Irish shanty-type joints. Surround that Irish stew with several pints of Guinness and you’ll have yourself a pretty good time. The clientele seems to be mostly locals and Irish relatives of the bartender. Even the bar’s yellow exterior exudes friendliness and good times. If you tend to shy away from drunken louts breaking into warbling renditions of Irish Eyes Are Smiling or Danny Boy at 3:00 AM, you may want to waddle your ass over T.G.I. Friday’s, but if you like a little authenticity in your life, come on down to the place where even the craziest people are blessed. [MF]

118 St Marks Pl.