Trilogy Bar & Grill


With the demise of Dakota, Trilogy takes over as the ultimate UES ughfest. Pushing the stereo to decibels not heard since theater owners first played that THX “the audience is listening” promo, and filled with enough smoke to gag a dragon, Trilogy has nightmare written all over it. Sprinkle in a healthy dose of sneering, ass-panted, sweater around the neck, twenty-somethings and dudes who were certainly popular at their Westport high schools, and you get what everyone hates about this part of town. This whole scene doesn’t really start until after eleven or so–when moving, nay breathing, becomes difficult–but prior to that the wooded space isn’t horribly overbearing, and can actually be somewhat pleasant if you’re able to grab a table away from the blaring speakers. [MF]

1403 2nd Ave.