Subway (Hell’s Kitchen)

Subway Hell's Kitchen


For some reason when God built establishments on 9th Avenue, he made them very small. He subdivided and then subdivided again. What we’re left with are long, skinny slivers of restaurants that are about as inviting as eating lunch in the trash compactor from Star Wars. Granted, there aren’t usually slimy, one-eyed serpents dragging us into the muck, but who the hell wants to have to turn sideways and shuffle down an isle in order to get a turkey sandwich? Don’t even bother ordering a foot-long at this Subway, as you won’t be able to get it out the door. Otherwise, it’s your typical Subway, with all the nonsensical yammering help, skimpy meat dispersal and questionable hygienic conditions. The advantage at this particular location is the fact that nobody goes to it, so you’ll get your sandwich and be out of there before the next customer has to squeeze past you. [MF]

790 9th Ave.