Apparently this joint is a bakery of some sort, although I did nothing but drink coffee here. It seems they divide the place in terms of what you can order where. I’m not sure why that is, but it makes the whole thing just way awkward. I was like, “I’ll take an ice coffee and a muffin,” and all I got was a blank stare from the waiter. My companion and I looked at the guy as he took a deep inhale, and explained in broken English that we couldn’t order food while sitting wherever it was we were sitting. So we ended up just ordering drinks (not that we had a choice) and sat in confused silence looking around the high-ceilinged, very Asian flavored space. So I got my six dollar ice coffee, and guess what? It tasted like ice coffee! And the person with me got some sort of bubble black tea that was basically some brown liquid with a bunch of black tapioca balls in it. At least I hope they were tapioca balls! Honestly, the only tapioca I’ve ever experienced came in my pudding snack pack or after my superburger at Sizzler as a kid. Whatever the case, I can’t imagine ever coming back to this den of confusion in the middle of a neighborhood that is literally in the middle of nowhere. Even if they do have good sticky buns or whatever. [MF]

31 W 32nd St.