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Formerly The Polo Grounds and Entourage, this place is still run by a bunch of inept imbeciles. Unfortunately, this does nothing to keep the hordes of wing-starved, jeans-and-white-sneaker crowd from stuffing the place every Sunday to gawk at the many TVs that dot the walls. The management here has about one brain cell between the bunch of them, and they often fail to open the large basement space to accommodate the crowds, sending potential customers to the many other bars in the neighborhood. During corporate softball season, the place is a tomb (when it should be packed), as, again, the management doesn’t believe in buy-backs, discounts, courtesy, repeat patronage, common sense or anything else that makes for a successful business plan. We can only hope these fools fail, and somebody who knows how to actually run a sports bar comes in and cleans house. Do we see an Entourage II in the future? Probably not, but we’ll take anything above this mess. [MF]

1472 3rd Ave.