The Room


I forgot that I had been to this place years ago. I liked it then, and I like it now. This nice, little cozy dark space is like a brick-lined beer and wine womb. I kind of hate the word intimate, but it really does describe the small up front space and the side room with its couchy ottoman and small table type set up. This ain’t gonna be a night of wackiness or anything, but you could totally get your swerve-on with one of the many beers on tap or in the bottle and a date in a dim corner. I’m not advocating public fornication or anything, but if I had to do the wild thang in any bar in the city, this would totally make my top ten. If I were so lucky as to live in my dream Soho loft … I wouldn’t come here because I’d be so fuckin’ rich that the party would come to me! But if my real life interceded, and I in fact lived in the one bedroom apartment I could really afford, I would make this my neighborhood joint. But, alas, I live and work nowhere near Soho, and will have to settle for dropping by when I’m in the mood for love–and beer. [MF]

144 Sullivan St.

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