Sutton Place


All we can remember from this nightmare is a crush of suits, the beeping of cell phones and the smell of mid-priced European cologne. This tri-leveled funhouse of yuppie annoyingness is located in yet another of Manhattan’s completely fabricated neighborhoods. Once known as Midtown East Shitsville, the 50s on the East Side has been renamed to give it a modicum of class, and artificially inflate real estate prices. We’re not fooled. This is still the same after work hell hole it’s always been. Looking at the bar’s Web site, you’d think it was a spacious, relaxed place, but if there were 10,000 beefy, shorthaired guys on cell phones there, there were a million. Maybe the place is a little more relaxed on the weekend, but if you were thinking of meeting friends there after work, you’d be better of meeting them along the bull route in Pamplona. [MF]

1015 2nd Ave.