Islands Burgers and Shakes


Admittedly, we have tried neither the burgers nor the shakes at Island Burgers & Shakes. Normally that would eliminate us from being a good source for comment, but we very rarely eat red meat in the middle of the week, and never touch 8,000 calorie, lactose fat bombs when we’re not trying to pack on pounds for the New Jersey sumo wrestling championships. Others should follow our lead (there are new reports out every day that claim 95% of Americans are morbidly obese) and order the giant chicken sandwiches. We like the blackened chicken sandwich that will not only satisfy your hunger, but clear out ever ounce of snot in your cranium. The “restaurant” itself is typical of the take-out joints along 8th Avenue, with its narrow set-up, minimal decor and one server. That said, we’d rather come pick the stuff up and sit somewhere comfortable to consume our giant hunk of poultry. The only complaint we have is the lack of sides to accompany your sandwich. That tasty chicken would be perfect with some nice curly fries, or even a bag of chips. [MF]

766 9th Ave.