Sunflower Diner


I guess I never realized how full of youngins this neighborhood is. I suppose it’s just a matter of not hanging out in the area much, or maybe it’s being old and tired that makes the difference between them and me so obvious. Was I that young and pretty before life and work beat me down? I guess it’s possible–but highly unlikely. So I came face to face with my inevitable feeling of oldness (despite not really being that old in Earth years) on a Sunday morning in a diner in Murray Hill. How sad. Surrounded by the young and beautiful I ordered my bison burger amongst the mosaic tiles and funky brushed metal. This brunch called for meat–and not just any meat, but the meat of a formerly endangered species that was almost hunted to extinction by a bunch of white colonialists with rifles. The food actually cheered me up a bit, and I was able to put aside my bitterness for a second and enjoy the terrific people watching opportunity that presented itself every time a new pack of kids shoved its way through the already crowded doorway. It was like an Abercrombie & Fitch zoo. When we walked out I realized that the experience had in some way invigorated me and made me realize that I may be old, but at least I had the opportunity to see Star Wars in the theater! [MF]

359 3rd Ave.