El Azteca Mexican Restaurant

El Azteca


We’re sick of telling you that we didn’t try the food at Mexican restaurants. Well, not to disappoint, we’re gonna tell you again. We didn’t try the food at this Mexican restaurant. We did, however, drink a lot of beers. They tasted like beer. The bar looked like a bar, only smaller. We sat on stools at high tables and watched as very few people came through the door. They didn’t seem to mind our ever increasing volume with every bottle of booze. They served it quickly and efficiently (how could they not with nobody there?) The beers were more expensive than they should have been, and the space itself is small and typical of a small 8th Ave space (no decor and some peeling paint), but is serviceable for an after work beer or two. I know it’s hardly a rave or a pan, but sometimes we’re just neutral. [MF]