Caffe Buon Gusto

Caffè Buon Gusto (Chelsea)

Caffe Buon Gusto[CLOSED]

The joint has a strange cave quality about it. Caves are dark, dank and not set up particularly well. That about sums it up. Some of the awkwardness come from the fact the space seems to be divided right down the center, with the restaurant taking up the left side and a long bar taking up the right. In fact, the waitress seemed confused that we wanted to order food. I believe we may have pushed the closing time on the kitchen, but they really seemed to want to hustle our drunk asses out of there. As we’ve said many times in the past, anything tastes good when you’ve been drinking all night. Well, the theory held true, but obviously the sample was tainted by an evening of palate-killing debauchery. We’re sure the food was perfectly serviceable, but this is far from being a destination for a night of fine dining and good times. [MF]