Don Giovanni (Hell’s Kitchen)

Don Giovanni Hell's Kitchen

Don Giovanni Hell's Kitchen Everyone loves brick oven pizzas. Don Giovanni makes ’em. Do they make them great? Not so much. They’re okay, but there’s something missing–be it sauce, good toppings, cheese, whatever. Their other dishes are actually a bit better. They have a huge chicken parm sandwich, and some decent pasta dishes. Don’t think this is serious gourmet stuff; it’s more of an inexpensive lunchtime joint. The service can only be described as sluggish, despite the restaurant itself being pretty small. Attempting to catch the one waitress to get a Coke or something can be a frustrating and all-day event. There’s some greasy, pony-tailed motherfucker who just sits behind the counter talking on the phone and counting cash, instead of noticing that the poor server is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Just looking at the guy makes me never want to go back there, but the cheap prices, and decent food will probably make me put up with its deficiencies. [MF]

358 W 44th St (bet. 8th & 9th Ave.)