Dublin House

Dublin HouseWhat would be an appropriate title for this pub if we were to make it into a movie? The House on Boring Hill? Mr. Snooze Goes to Dublin? The Sleepenator? Wake us up when this one’s over. In fact, if we want to be surrounded by wood-paneled ho-hum, we can wait until we’re dead. This black hole of fun, this quasar of tedium, this red giant waste of time gives all of Ireland a horribly bad name. Granted, if you’re a bitter, 55 year-old divorcé with a scraggly white beard, a penchant for the booze and a hatred of anything remotely rock ‘n roll, you may have just found your home away from home. We understand this whole “old school” thing, but do you really think Jimbo and Paddy behind the bar really know that they are being old school? Some of those surveyed claim to have had a different experience at this pub, but we honestly care very little about what they think. [MF]

225 W. 79th St. (bet Amsterdam Ave. & Broadway)