Devon & Blakely – Midtown East

Devon and Blakely Midtown East

Devon and Blakely Midtown EastThere’s nothing in the world like waiting in huge, confusing lines to purchase overpriced soup and sandwiches. There’s nothing like opening up an overpriced sandwich shop and taking advantage of a captive audience with little to no choice outside of their corporate cafeteria or packed, sit-down joint. It’s like charging $47 for a large popcorn at the movies or $12 for a hot dog at a Yankees game–where else are you gonna go to get the stuff? So you end up paying $8 for a sandwich with enough meat to feed an eighteen-month baby, bread that you couldn’t slice with a hacksaw, and one piece of arugula that apparently makes the whole thing worth it. Despite the apparent lack of quantity and quality, desperate midtowners stand slack-jawed waiting for their fill of yellow squash soup, fancy lettuce salads, and French bread encrusted chicken sandwiches. We don’t necessarily recommend patronizing Devon & Blakely, but if you’re in the neighborhood, you’ll realize that your limited options may lead you down that very crowded road. [MF]

250 Park Avenue