Go Sushi (Hell’s Kitchen)


Go Sushi


Fast food sushi is always risky. It’s not as if we’re ordering poisonous blowfish or anything, but hiring the same people to chop your raw fish as you would to clean up the grease trap at McDonald’s seems like tempting fate to us. Safety and hygiene not withstanding, we took the chance and ordered one of Go Sushi’s prepackaged lunch specials. The California roll might have actually been as old as the state itself. The fake crab stick had the consistency of a Nerf football. The salmon sushi obviously lived most of its afterlife in a very cold refrigerator (read: freezer), and was sapped of any taste other than a hint of salt that was only amplified by the plastic packet of soy sauce. Again, it’s not as if we expected much, but we do have the power of choice–and we choose to go elsewhere. [MF]

756 9th Ave.