Barney Mac's[CLOSED] became: Oliver’s Bar and Grill

Not to be confused with Original King of Comedy, Bernie Mac, this place takes the fun out of funny. This place is as exciting as a conversation between Chris Klein and Jennifer Love Hewitt about 17th-Century Dutch economics. It has all the personality of Louie Anderson on Ketamine. It is amazing to us that a joint this size–smack-dab in the middle of Greenwich Village–can’t draw enough people to fill out a doubles tennis match. Granted, there are some advantages to this: it’s easy to get a beer, and you can have an in-depth discussion with the bartender about that Paul Auster book he’s reading. We didn’t eat anything during our visit, but we overheard patrons complaining that they were still waiting for their food, and then getting angry when it was finally delivered cold (mind you, there were only two people waiting for grub.) Look, we’re not always up for a raucous time, but we don’t want to have to bring our portable defibrillator to shock a place back to life. [MF]