Jackson Hole – Second Avenue


Jackson Hole - 2nd Avenue


If you haven’t been to a Jackson Hole, you haven’t lived–lived through trying to digest one of their 40 oz. burgers that is! These people don’t mess around when it comes to portions (or the laws of density). Witness the grilled chicken sandwich that hangs four inches over the ends of the giant French baguette on every side, the turkey burger that could easily be confused with a London Bridge paver stone and the banana split that looks as if some unfortunate gondola was attacked by Ben, Jerry and a giant pterodactyl. If you’re looking to carb up before a night out on the town, then this is your faux-fifties diner. If you are a Tums worshipper and get indigestion easier than Kevin Costner says yes to a bad role, you may want to dine elsewhere. Even if you can choke down a bloomin’ onion and a rack of greasy ribs in one sitting without the slightest twinge, you still may want to pack some of the pink stuff just in case. [MF]

1611 2nd Ave.